Professional solutions for law enforcement

One may think police officers spend all day outside protecting the public’s safety, but a significant amount of their time is actually spent in the office. Most tasks consist of organizing documentation for court cases, filling out paper work and providing testimonies in court. The ability of an officer to gather and document information is significant for a case’s success. Therefore, productivity and efficiency is paramount to law enforcement officers.


Superior audio quality leads to increased accuracy  

Philips digital dictation recorders help to significantly save time, as documentation no longer needs to be note down on paper, whilst on site. As opposed to analog dictation, officers no longer need to wait until they return back to their office to have their tape cassettes transcribed. Recordings can be sent instantly and get transcribed by an assistant or speech recognition software such as Nuance Naturally Speaking.

The Philips Pocket Memo or the Philips SpeechAir offer superior audio quality and perfect ergonomics. Coupled with SpeechExec workflow software, officers can organize their documents even quicker and easier than ever before. With the cloud dictation solution Philips SpeechLive, they can securely access their entire dictation workflow, even when they are on the go.

Highest security through real-time data encryption

Case information is strictly confidential. This is why Philips offers the highest security measures to protect clients’ recordings. Dictations are encrypted in real-time and the devices themselves can be PIN protected.

Focus on the essentials

Philips dictation solutions allow law enforcement professionals to focus on their true core task: Fighting crime. They help boost productivity by relieving the burden of administration work. Reports are created with unprecedented speed and increased accuracy.