NG9-1-1: “Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere.”


NENA’s goal for NG9-1-1 is to enable the general public to make a 911 call from any device and allow emergency services to take advantage of internet working technologies based on open standards.

NG9-1-1 is a system aimed at updating the 9-1-1 service infrastructure to improve public emergency communications services supporting the technology needs of the future. The necessary standards that will support NG9-1-1 are not yet identifiable, but they are under development, working towards defining a fully featured system. These features will include meaningful capture of voice, video, text, vehicle crash notification and all other forms of communications.


Revcord & NG-9-1-1

At the heart of the Revcord system is an easy to use browser-based interface where voice, video, text and other media can be recorded, searched and replayed.  With Call Commenting, ANI/ALI, Dialed Number, Radio ID, Call Tagging, Caller ID, and much more, the Revcord software gives users the ability to quickly and accurately find recordings.  Revcord offers “unlimited replay licensing” for all systems, making it even more cost effective.


NG9-1-1 Evolution & Standards

NG9-1-1 is a “sea of change” for public safety by changing the paradigm of simple telephone communications to become Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device to get emergency help. It is a network of networks that are highly secured and very “intelligent”. Of course, it continues to evolve as all technology does.

However, that is not the only evolution. Just as sure as science and technology evolve so do vendor products, they get more standardized and less expense. That is the first step toward commoditization. The President of Revcord, Trey Schwarz, knew that years ago when he started Revcord. Interestingly other logging companies did not seem to understand. Trey’s view was that recorders would become a commodity someday soon. So they are, thanks to NG9-1-1 and a forward-looking company, Revcord.

Voice recording has been with us in some form since at least World War II. Since then recorders have become better technically, but also more proprietary, each with unique capabilities. That is, customers (like PSAPs) had to choose between vendors based on features, and, of course, price.Proprietary products provide more profit to companies generally, but less real value to users.

NG9-1-1 really changes that. NENA, APCO and even the FCC are requiring standardization of all multimedia communications and especially recorders. For as long as there has been 9-1-1, voice recorders were like a “step child”. Now the Logging Service is a core service in NG9-1-1 for multimedia and the repository of status events for all functional elements from the very first firewall all the way to the PSAP itself, and everything in between. In addition, everything is rigorously standardized.

The difference in multimedia loggers for NG9-1-1 will not be flashy advertised specifications and features (as they are standardized) but the ease of use and price. Revcord has always been the price leader and continues to be the lowest priced full featured recorder for NG9-1-1. Ease of use is unparalleled in Version 9.

Input Formats

Audio Recording
Video Recording
Text Message Submissions
Social Network Commenting
Email Submissions
Internal Screen Recording


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