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The flexibility of the Red Box Quantify voice, data and call recording solution puts you in the driving seat. From easy search and replay of recordings through to powerful event reconstruction and workforce optimization, this comprehensive software suite offers smart capabilities for your needs.  Choose from a range of Quantify applications to create a custom solution for you.

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Quantify Search and Replay

Straightforward recording with search and replay

When you need to record voice and data communications, rely on Quantify Search and Replay. Just one comprehensive software solution gives your organization access to a world of easy-to-use yet incredibly smart recording capabilities.

  • Record communications using our unique frame-based technology, designed to optimize throughput of data and provide a high level of security
  • Find the recordings you need fast using custom searches by date, user, and more
  • Replay recordings instantly for fact verification or to provide employee feedback

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Quantify Live Acquire

Monitor communications in real-time

With Red Box Quantify Live Acquire, managers and supervisors can easily monitor communications as they happen for analysis and to support employee training and best action guidance. With this powerful application it’s possible select any agent or extension and monitor calls in progress, or for convenience, instantly replay recently recorded calls through a headset or remote device.

Live Acquire can be configured to restrict user access to specified teams or groups for ease of management and security. To check what’s happening at any point, Channel Status Display provides an overview of all channels, showing which ones are active and inactive, while Group Overview shows an overview of channel activity by group. Live Acquire’s functionality makes it an excellent tool for instant fact verification.

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Quantify AudioSearch

Search recordings for spoken words

Red Box Quantify AudioSearch is an extraordinarily smart way to search and analyze the spoken content of voice recordings. It’s invaluable whenever you need evidence for investigations, dispute resolution or quality monitoring.

Using advanced phonetic-based audio analytics, AudioSearch mines the content of recordings for use of specified words or phrases. It returns precise results regardless of audio quality, speaker accent, dialect, slang or non-standard grammar. It’s remarkably quick too, with the power to analyze recorded content in a fraction of the time it would take to manually process.

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Quantify Screen Data Capture

Record desktop screen captures

Red Box Quantify Screen Data Capture enables even the largest organizations to record desktop activity across a network, without interfering with the way employees work. Record, search and retrieve screen captures easily to inform training and quality management, making Quantify Screen Data Capture an excellent aid to Quantify QM.

When you need to suppress sensitive payment card data for compliance with PCI-DSS regulations, simply blank screen captures at the appropriate moment, manually or automatically, with the addition of Quantify PCI Suppression.

Find out more about Screen Capture:  Screen Data Capture Overview    

Quantify Event Reconstruct

Reconstruct events quickly and accurately

Conducting an investigation after an incident for compliance or disclosure can be heavily time-consuming, particularly if it involves bringing together audio recordings from multiple sources such as fixed line and cell phones, and radio communications.

Red Box Quantify Event Reconstruct is trusted to help collect evidence from large volumes of recordings. Investigation and compliance teams can place important communications into a custom workplace for safekeeping, which authorised teams can then access for internal and legal disclosure. Quantify authenticates recordings so all collated evidence is court-admissable.

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Quantify QM

Manage employee performance

Train and encourage your employees to achieve higher service and performance standards with Red Box Quantify QM. It’s a remarkably easy-to-use application for workforce optimization that lets managers and supervisors monitor and assess employee performance so they can provide coaching and ongoing training as required.

With a whole range of flexible reports and scoring capabilities to hand, performance can clearly be monitored and enhanced in key areas such as call handling and first-call resolution.

  • Automatically generate a sample of recordings for assessment
  • Create custom scoring forms
  • Easily distribute coaching tips
  • View reports to obtain an overview of quality across your whole organization

Use Quantify QM alongside AudioSearch, Live Acquire and Screen Data Capture for a complete Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution.

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Quantify CallSafe

Preserve evidence as long as needed

If you need to preserve calls securely for investigation, compliance or legal disclosure,Quantify CallSafe lets you lock calls and place them into storage for as long as required.

CallSafe enables you to keep calls beyond your standard data retention cycle. Valuable across many sectors, it can be used for ‘ligitation hold’ in financial trading and is a great complement to Quantify Event Reconstruct.

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Quantify PCI Suppression

Protect customer payment information

If your organization records communications and handles card transactions it’s vital that you protect customer financial data from falling into the wrong hands.

Quantify PCI Suppression helps you to comply with PCI-DSS security standards by suppressing sensitive card payment details from recordings. Choose to suppress card details from call and screen recordings automatically or allow agents to initiate suppression manually.

Find out more about PCI Suppression:   PCI Suppression Overview    

Quantify Call Management

Intelligently monitor telephony channels

Reduce the amount of non-business calls across your organization and save on communication billing costs. Quantify Call Management software identifies the wrong sort of outgoing calls and detects network abuse or fraud so you can take action fast.

Quantify Call Management’s web-based dashboard gives you a clear and real-time view of all your telephony systems, and provides a better picture of what’s happening, courtesy of flexible call reporting, statistics and data visualization. What’s more, if you use VoIP to communicate, Quantify Call Management lets you monitor quality to help you achieve the best service levels from your provider. All together you’ll be able to optimize resources to gain the most from your budget.

Find out more about Call Management:   Call Management Overview    

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