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Red Box Quantify with built-in Search and Replay helps you automatically record and store communications and replay them on demand. With it, you can quickly verify information, keep an accessible log of telephone calls and other voice communications for record-keeping and compliance, and analyse interactions to assist decision-making.

The flexibility of the Red Box Quantify software solution enables you to record and replay calls in a way that works for your business or organization.

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Red Box Capture and Replay

Easily locate and replay calls

You can rely on Red Box Quantify to automatically record incoming and outgoing telephone calls as well as other voice communications, and store them securely so they’re easily accessible any time you need them. It’s an easy-to-use and highly dependable recording solution.

With powerful Quantify Search and Replay you can find the phone calls you need based on a wide range of criteria, including device, user, number, and date. Quantify retrieves the required calls and enables you to listen to them on-demand using its built-in Media Player.

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Retain and replay calls for financial compliance

Many financial regulations mandate call recording for record-keeping. Red Box Quantify helps you to achieve compliance by recording communications from multiple devices and providing secure yet accessible access to recordings. It gives you the flexibility to retain calls for as long as compliance demands, and then automatically delete them in line with your internal retention policy.

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Resolve disputes and protect employees

Disputes often arise when one person’s version of events differs from the next. With Quantify, it’s easy to discover who said what in any recorded conversation to quickly resolve complaints and provide liability protection.

Quantify protects employees from abuse and threats by recording every communication and enabling you to compile and share evidence.

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A single, flexible solution

Don’t pay for features you don’t need. With Red Box Quantify, just choose the functionality that works for your business or organisation.

  • A single software-only solution providing all the tools you need for smart but easy-to-use Search and Replay
  • Use Quantify AudioSearch, which uses advanced phonetic search, to retrieve recordings based on spoken words and phrases
  • Reconstruct incidents or trades with Quantify Event Reconstruct to provide accurate visual timelines of events
  • Go further with Quantify QM to identify and address coaching and training needs which will allow you to optimise your workforce


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