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HigherGround is a call recording and data integration company that has provided cost effective, easy-to-use, and scalable mission critical solutions to public safety communications centers for decades.

NextGen Capture911

The NextGen Capture911 system captures 100% of audio from any combination of traditional or trunked radio and circuit-switched or VoIP telephone systems across multiple locations. It also provides the option for capture of PC screens.

NextGen Quality911

Gain valuable insight into call taker performance and enhance quality assurance with HigherGround's NextGen Quality911 form-based evaluations and customized scorecards

PUMA Partners

Fusion Voice -  Dolbey Systems, Inc.


Fusion from Dolbey provides professional environments a comprehensive, scalable and reliable dictation and voice management system in Fusion Voice®. Dictate, manage, speech recognize or transcribe with the powerful software applications. With standard open architecture, digital portability, PC access, and network or Internet distribution of voice and data you can take the next step toward better productivity.

PUMA Partners



Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional enterprise-ready speech recognition software lets you interact with your PC by voice — three times faster than typing — to boost productivity and cut costs. Control your PC with simple voice commands. Create documents, send email, and search the Web just by talking. Create macros to automate business processes. Even use a digital voice recorder and Dragon will transcribe the audio files back at your PC.

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