Burlingame Police Department has received wide-spread benefits from standardizing on the PUMA System

June 2011

Burlingame Police Department

Burlingame PD


Burlingame Police Department, located in Northern California with 37 police officers, found it increasingly difficult to manage its existing mix of digital and analog tape recorders the department was using for citizen contacts and they struggled with the increasing complexity of finding important recordings when they needed them.  The department began to look into an alternative solution.  “We needed to standardize the way that we recorded, tracked, and stored our audio recordings,” says Captain Mike Matteucci of the Burlingame Police Department.  Their search led them to PUMA, the digital audio recorders and file management system designed specifically for law enforcement.  They found that the PUMA solution was widely used and highly recommended by the agencies using it.  Police Chief Jack Van Etten decided to move forward with PUMA.

The benefits of standardizing on the PUMA system have led to a huge increase in efficiency for the department.  Burlingame Police Department deployed the PUMA solution agency-wide in 2008.  Officers and investigators record interviews and contacts on their easy-to-use and rugged PUMA digital recorders designed for law enforcement.  With a simple user interface they can quickly download their recordings into the PUMA database, attaching information such as call, case, citation, and/or booking number, subject name, and notes. These fields, along with badge number and date of recordings, are used when searching for recordings for playback or copying to a CD.

Burlingame Police Department has found that PUMA system is the right solution and the benefits of standardizing on PUMA are wide-spread.  Captain Matteucci has stated that time saving, cost saving, increased productivity, and a reduction in frivolous citizen complaints are among the benefits they’ve experienced.

Burlingame Police Department is located just near downtown San Francisco, is a municipal, full service, community oriented department that offers a variety of investigative, preventative, and community policing programs to both protect and serve Burlingame's residents and visitors

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