PUMA Management Software

Simplified Digital Evidence Management

Manage all your Digital Evidence in one convenient location with the PUMA Management Software

Audio, Photos and Videos

The PUMA Management Software provides a powerful, secure, and easy-to-use digital evidence management system for the storage, retrieval and management of digital audio recordings, digital photos and digital video files.

Simple to Use

Key to the success of PUMA is its ability to provide officers an easy platform to upload their digital files, add file information such as case number, subject name, or notes, and store the content securely. With various search options, files can be easily retrieved for playback or exported to CD/DVD.

Fits Every Agency’s Size and Budget

The PUMA Management Software is scalable; offering add-on modules that address the specific needs of your department and the best and most cost effective storage solution for your agency.

PUMA Management Software

Digital Evidence Management for Law Enforcement

PUMA Management Software

Manage all your Digital Evidence in one convenient location

The PUMA Management Software delivers an integrated network-based solution for your entire organization. With PUMA, digital evidence files are managed by a centrally located repository, providing easy access to your digital evidence, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  With PUMA, your department will capitalize on a cost-effective, secure, onsite digital evidence solution.


With departments having different access/security concerns, PUMA has designed multiple levels of security and access rights based on agency-defined security roles. PUMA also includes technical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to data such as file and password encryption (256 bit).

Clean Chain of Custody

Digital Evidence management is critical to the outcome of criminal prosecutions. The PUMA Management Software provides a secure chain of custody for the management, administration and handling of digital evidence.


Simplicity is key to the success of PUMA Management Software. By using the same simple and intuitive user-interface to manage all digital files, your department will save time, money and increase officer productivity. 

Intuitive Searches

Search and retrieval has never been easier.  With PUMA’s simple search interface, officers, detectives and/or administrators have quick and easy access to the digital evidence they need.  

PUMA Management Software

On-Site Storage vs. Cloud-Hosted Storage

Lowest Cost of Digital Evidence Storage
PUMA Management Software on-site storage solution offers the lowest total cost of ownership for digital evidence storage. When compared to cloud-hosted storage systems PUMA offers more than 4 times the storage capacity without the reoccurring cost associated with the cloud-hosted solution.

Immediate Access to Information
Video upload with cloud-storage solution relies on the internet infrastructure and bandwidth of the agency which will take much longer than on-site storage speeds. If an investigation requires immediate viewing of the video it can only be done with on-site storage.

Even the most secure cloud storage solutions are still vulnerableto hacking, cyberattacks and DDOS attacks and the evidence is in the news daily. “In 2014, cyber attacks and data breaches don’t look like they’re going to slow down” (Forbes Tech 7/28/2014). PUMA on-site storage gives the department total control of all aspects of digital evidence storage.

$25,000 Digital Evidence Storage

Cloud-Hosted Storage (per year)
PUMA On-site Storage (single investment)

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  • Huntington Beach Police Department

    Huntington Beach Police Department

    "The only product to meet all of our specifications is Versatile Information Products, Inc. PUMA Software application."

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    Grants Pass Police Department

    "PUMA is running great. Your system works very well for the environment we use it in."

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