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Police Body Worn Camera

With its Slide-To-Start operation, the PUMA-STS Body Worn Camera is one of the easiest body-cams to activate. No more confusion or clutter, one motion and your officer is recording.

Other features include clear and crisp video and audio quality, built in GPS, extended battery life, a docking station and much more, all at a very competitive price.

Our Strong Points

  • HD Video Quality

    High-definition video recorder for Law Enforcement with true HD 1296p Recording

  • P-T-S

    Push to start slide switch to activate Slide down to record and slide up to stop

  • GPS

    GPS navigation system to track the location of the recording

PUMA Body-worn Cameras
  • 140˚ Field of View

    With its 140˚ wide angle lens it can capture more action.

  • High quality metal clip with 360* rotation

    Provides a durable mounting option

  • Up to 8 Hours of continuous recording

    Can record up to 8 hours of video on a single charge an hold up to 128 hours of video on 32GB of memory.

PUMA - STS    

High definition video recording - Multiple Recording Resolution | Ambarella A7 Chip set | Slide button record to start a recording| Audible, visual, and tactile vibration confirm activation of record and stop | 140° wide angle lens with minimal distortion | Mp4 compressed video format | Docking Station | GPS 

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PUMA - Body-worn Camera

PUMA - DVR Package

PUMA - DVR Video Recorder

USB Download Cable

Dock Station

Metal Clip

Leather Strap


High Definition Video Recording - 2034x1296P 1920X1080P 1440X1080, 1280X720, 848X480P)
Record Activation: Slide Switch (Record = Down, STOP = Up)
Record Verification: Red LED, Vibration, Audible Voice, Positive “Click” slide switch
Wide Angle 140 degrees field of view
Ambarella A7 Chipset
MPG4 Compressed Video Format
GPS: Included
5 Digits Device ID & 6 Digits Officer ID
Date/time stamp imbedded into the video
High Quality Metal Clip, 360 Degree Rotation
Compatible with PUMA Management Software




Ambarella A7

Video Resolution

Multiple Recording Resolution 2304x1296P (30FPS) | 1920×1080P (30 FPS) | 1280×720 (60 FPS) | 1280×720 (30 FPS) | 848×480 (30 FPS)

Video Format

H. 264 .AVI/MPEG4


High-quality Built-In Microphone

Audio Format



5 Digits Device ID & 6 Digits Officer ID | Date and Time Stamp Embedded into Video

Recording Time

Continuous recording time: Up to 8 Hours. (battery full charged, IR closed, resolution ratio 640*480)

Storage Capacity

32GB of Memory(64GB Option

Storage level

Audio Indicator

Record Led


Slide-Button Recording

Slide Switch recording button

Activation Prompt

Audible, Visual, and Tactical Vibration Confirm Activation of Record and Stop



Built-in 2800mAH Lithium

Charging Time

3 Hours, / USB via Computer or Wall

Battery Life

10 Hours

Battery Level

Audio Indicator

Video Transfer

USB 2.0


Recording Angle

Wide Angle 140°


IP68, Waterproof


High Quality Metal Clip with 360° Rotation


Unique ID Number/Units

Includes 5 digit device ID and 6 digit police ID

Password Protect

To set an administrator password to allow deletion via software.
User can only view the videos but cannot delete it.


3.35" (85mm) x 2.17" (55mm) x .091' (23mm)


175 g  (6.17 oz.)



Standard Accessories

USB Cable, Charger, Manual, Driver CD, Universal Metal Clip

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