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Philips offers professional solutions tailor-made for healthcare professionals. Philips dictation recorders and software perfectly suit your individual needs and work seamlessly with your clinical software and hospital information system. Whether you are a large public hospital or a small private medical practice, our solutions help save you time, lower your costs and simplify your daily workflow. 

Save costs, speed up document creation and improve patient satisfaction

As speaking is up to seven times quicker than typing, recording your patient’s report can be done a lot more efficiently now. Whether you have the dictations transcribed by an assistant or use speech recognition software, the process has never been quicker and easier. Complete and more accurate medical records ensure your patients’ care plans are put in place quicker and lead to more satisfied clients.

Excellent sound quality and antimicrobial surface

Medical professionals need a dictation recorder which is durable, easy to use and offers exceptional audio quality. SpeechMike Premium is the most popular choice in the medical field. It is robust and ergonomically tailored to feel comfortable in your hand, even after extended use. May it be the free-floating studio quality Precision Microphone, a microphone grille with optimized structure, built-in noise-reduction pop filter, antimicrobial surface or the world’s first motion sensor in a stationary digital dictation device, this device will guarantee excellent results. 

The solution

Philips SpeechMike Premium LFH3500/3600

SpeechMike Premium USB dictation microphone
LFH3500/3600 series

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Pocket Memo voice recorder Digital DPM8000 series

Pocket Memo voice recorder
DPM8000 series

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Pocket Memo voice recorder Digital LFH7400 series

Dictation Recorder App
LFH7400/0740 series

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Philips Pocket Memo 8000 series – superior dictation on the go

For those who want to be mobile at the same time, our new Philips Pocket Memo 8000 series offers amazing advantages. The Pocket Memo dictation offers breakthrough 3D Mic technology which delivers best audio quality in any recording situation. 

Integrated barcode scanner for streamlined documentation

The integrated barcode scanner in your SpeechMike Premium or Pocket Memo enables you to link patient data to a recording by simply scanning over a barcode. The scanned information is automatically attached to the dictation file, streamlining the documentation process. All identifying information is entered accurately, increasing security and potential for cost savings. The new Pocket Memo even allows you to scan barcodes off computer and tablet screens. If coupled with the WLAN adapter, the dictations can immediately be sent to your transcriptionist by just docking the device. 

Up to 99% accuracy speech recognition results

Outstanding sound quality is especially important if you wish to use speech recognition to transcribe your documents. Coupled with Dragon Medical speech recognition software from Nuance, you can achieve up to 99% text accuracy in real-time. The software is specially tailored to know all relevant medical terms and you can see the text appear as you speak. This raises the quality of care, as it enables you to dictate, review and sign medical records all in one step, saving valuable time. Higher accuracy also increases clinical satisfaction and it allows you to avoid restrictive “point and click” entry of patient data. 

Increased efficiency through the right workflow solution

Together with the excellent dictation recorders, a powerful workflow solution can help you to further increase your efficiency and save you even more time. SpeechExec software integrates seamlessly with your practice’s clinical software. Recordings can be assigned priorities and automatically routed to the correct transcriptionists and assigned to the correct patient files. This limits common mistakes of the past, where tapes had to be physically brought to the correct person and assigned to the correct patient’s file. And on top of all this, SpeechLive enables you to access this workflow from anywhere and anytime. SpeechLive is an easy, secure, flexible and efficient cloud-based dictation workflow, which works seamlessly with all Philips dictation devices and software, is always accessible and guarantees maximum security.

Philips dictation solutions have been implemented in a wide variety of settings and IT-environments. Every day they help medical professionals from around the globe reduce their costs, increase their workflow efficiency and provide improved care to their patients.  

The Furture of Dictation

The Furture of Dictation lies in efficient document creation through speech recognition

The seamless integration of Philips dictation recording devices and the direct interface to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional speech recognition software guarantee superb audio quality, high recognition accuracy, and easy hardware administration.

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