Enterprise-Class Workflow Solution

The ODMS Administrator Tool (A.K.A AS-56) is designed for medium & large organizations and contains all of the tools required to install, customize, and manage an ODMS environment in Workgroup mode without any ongoing costs.

AS-56 includes both the System Configuration Program (SCP) and License Manager (LM) that offer the administrator a vast array of features, to allow them to centrally manage and configure their ODMS environment. User and group profiles can be managed in large numbers allowing for faster, easier configuration. ODMS workflow and device settings can be locked so that organizations can implement a standard workflow for their dictation environment, ensuring total consistency and accuracy. License Manager tracks the use of the Dictation and Transcription Module across the workgroup system. It also allows the IT Administrator to update the license simply by entering a new key, which is quick and easy to add more users to an ODMS environment without affecting the entire system.

Olympus ODMS Dragon 13

Olympus ODMS Administrator Tool (AS-56) starting at $499.99

Speech to script – maximum efficiency, minimum fuss.

Streamlining cumbersome user management in medium & large organizations

ODMS for administrators perfectly supports an easy and central administration of larger dictation networks. It also helps to safe costs for sophisticated IT‑Infrastructure by supporting virtual environments. That´s how all parties (users, administrators and management) can benefit from Olympus´professional dictation sytems.

To prevent escalating, ongoing costs, the ODMS administrator tool provides all the functionality you need in one easy-to-buy license policy, and there are no hidden costs.

The ODMS Administrator tool allows IT administrators to centrally manage licenses and workflow/device configurations, drastically saving administrator’s time as well as end-users’ time. Almost no client-side configuration required, and the software is ready from when the user first launches it.

  • Recommended for medium & large dictation networks
  • Support of various thin clients
  • Scalability
  • Multiple Platforms supported
  • Professional Installation & Maintenance
  • Import and Export of device configurations
  • Centrally configure ODMS users and groups
  • Restrict access to vital settings to ensure system stability
  • Deploy software and firmware updates centrally
  • Customise MST files for a pre‑configured deployment and silent setup
  • Please ask your dealer for latest information about supported thin client models and virtual environments.
  • Multi User Licence management
  • User migration from R5 to ODMS
  • View ODMS licence usage for workgroup system
  • Manage licence use for Dictation & Transcription Users
  • Update ODMS licences seamlessly for maximum up‑time
  • Easy device configuration
  • Locking device features to avoid unintended changes

Software Highlights

Olympus ODMS

All-in-one solution

To prevent escalating, ongoing costs, the ODMS administrator tool provides all the functionality you need in one easy-to-buy license policy, and there are no hidden costs.

Olympus ODMS

Easy installation and administration

No matter what size your organisation is, it will receive the right tools to implement a professional dictation workflow and set up a sophisticated central administration.

Olympus ODMS

Designed for excellent usability

New and improved interface design for excellent usability. The user interface is an important component of professional dictation hardware and can boost your productivity and efficiency.

Olympus ODMS

Scalability due to the modular software architecture

The modular architecture of ODMS allows you to create an Olympus dictation network and extend it step-by-step and year-by-year. You just have to decide how many authors (dictation module) and typists/secretaries (transcription module) will join the dictation network.

Olympus ODMS

Virtualisation and private cloud computing

The support of virtual environments with Citrix and Windows terminal servers allows you to keep the costs for the IT infrastructure as low as possible. For further information about the virtualisation of ODMS please contact your authorised dealer.

Olympus ODMS

Data security is priority number one

Because your data is your asset, ODMS protects your data with several security features. Instant 256-bit file encryption with DSS Pro secures your dictations and allows only authorised persons to listen to them. Customisable backup rules avoid any accidental data loss.

Olympus ODMS

Automated dictation distribution

Mobile and desktop dictation only play out their strengths if the dictations get to the right destination, quickly and easily. For every user scenario automatic transfer rules can be defined. Depending on the defined rules (work type, author ID etc.) the dictations are transferred (via email, FTP, LAN etc.) to its destination.

Olympus ODMS

Seamless interface to speech recognition*

It is no longer necessary to have a person do your typing. ODMS provides a seamless interface to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This makes it possible to use background and real-time speech recognition* in combination with a workflow solution. No matter whether you or your typist train the speech recognition* software – both of you will have more time to do other things.

* Speech-recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) needs to be purchased separately.


Hardware configuration

Device option settings (Device menu settings, Assign hotkey function to individual device button, Directrec configuration)
Device customization

System Configuration Program (SCP)

Data Loss Prevention Mode

Operating Systems & Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 8.1
Enterprise / Pro (x86/x64)
Microsoft® Windows® 8
Enterprise / Pro (x86/x64)
Microsoft® Windows® 7
Ultimate / Enterprise / Professional / Home Premium (x86/x64)
Microsoft® Windows®XP
Professional Edition SP3 (x86)
Professional Edition SP2 (x64)
Microsoft® Windows Vista®
Ultimate / Enterprise / Business SP2 (x86/x64)

Supported Virtual Environment Platforms

Remote Desktop Service (Windows Terminal Service)
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 / 2008 / 2012
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 / 2012
Citrix XenApp
XenApp 5 / 6 / 6.5
Citrix Desktop
XenDesktop 4 / 5 / 5.6 / 7
Citrix Client applications
Citrix Online Plug‑in 12.0.0 or later
Citrix Receiver 3.0 or later
Vmware View
VMware View 4.5 / 5 (VMware View Clients 5.0 or later is required)
VMware Horizon View 5.2 (VMware View Clients 5.2 or later is required)

ODMS Administrator Tool

The ODMS Administration CD contains all of the tools required to install, customize, and manage an ODMS environment in Workgroup mode. The software is supplied separately and is a required component of an ODMS Workgroup mode environment.

ODMS Administration CD consists of the following components:

  • System Configuration Program (With license)
  • License Manager (With License)
  • Terminal Service Client Virtual Driver
  • Citrix Client Virtual Driver
  • Repository Service

Olympus odms


"The Olympus Dictation app is available for iOS. Just go to the Appstore to test the app. To make use of the full professional feature set of ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) you need to have a valid license for ODDS. This license can be purchased from your local certified Olympus partner for Professional Dictation Systems."


"Get the latest version Olympus Dictation for Android at Google play. The app is needed, if you want to make use of ODDS. For a trial of ODDS contact your local Olympus partner for Professional Dictation Systems." Download

The Future of Dictation

The Future of Dictation lies in efficient document creation through speech recognition

ODMS R6 has the ability to work hand in hand with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) software. A recorded dictation file can be converted to text automatically using voice recognition software. ODMS R6 comes with a collection of voice recognition functions that have been dramatically improved and enhanced.

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