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Conference recording


Olympus digital recorders can easily record smaller meetings or interviews with or without an external microphone. For larger events with more participants, Olympus offers a fully equipped conference kit, featuring two microphones, PCM recorder and more. Everything you need to professionlly record any meeting.

DM-620 Conference Kit

Recording a board meeting or other large gathering has never been easier. With only one sleek aluminium hardshell case, you can carry with you everything you need. Starting with the DM-620 for recording excellent quality sound, with an incredible 46 hours of battery life. Plug in the two omnidirectional microphones and set them up on the enclosed tripods up to 5 metres apart. With the remote control in your hand, you're ready to record for hours and hours in high quality stereo sound. Plug in the AC adapter for even longer recording, check the sound with the enclosed earphone, and when the meeting's over, sync transfer files to your computer.

Conference recording

Recommended features for meeting, conference & interview recording:

  • Built-in Stereo Microphones: Stereo microphones delivers stereo recordings with a natural sounding ambiance enabling to recognize the direction of the sound source.
  • PC connection: Allows you to store and archive your files on a PC or share them with others.
  • Voice Playback This unique Olympus playback feature cleverly picks out the voices from your recordings and eliminates the silences between them to make the reviewing and transcription of your fi les quicker and more convenient than ever before.
  • Voice Balancer: Because some people talk louder and some are further away, understanding recordings that feature multiple speakers is often difficult due to the fluctuating volume levels of all the different voices. That is why our new Voice Balancer feature averages the volume levels of all the speakers so you can enjoy the optimal balance during playback.
  • Voice Filter: Clarifies and enhances the sound of the human voice for clear playback.
  • LowCut Filter: Prevents recording of unwanted noise (e.g. air conditioners).
  • Scene Modes: While you simply choose the scene mode in which you want to record (e.g. meeting or conference) your recorder sets the ideal parameters automatically.
  • Recommended Accessories: 2-channel conference microphones (M30W), boundary microphone (ME33), Telephone pick-up (TP8) records records both sides of a telephone conversation.
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