DSS Player Standard AS-49 DM

Olympus DSS Player Standard Dictation Software

The Olympus DSS Standard Dictation Module is mainly used to download a dictation file recorded with a Digital Voice Recorder, or to record a dictation file directly onto a PC. Users can edit audio files that were downloaded or recorded directly, or share files with other users by using shared folders on the network. It also has the ability to customize the device or upload audio files to the device. The DSS Standard is supplied with Olympus DS-2400 and its compatible will all Olympus recorders.

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Olympus DSS Player Standard Dictation Software

Olympus DSS Player Standard Dictation Software


DSS Player Standard offers the following functions:

  • Support for playback and editing of DSS Pro, DSS, WMA, MP3 and WAV files
  • The Direct Recording function, which records real-time audio data onto the PC
  • Support for sharing audio files, playback, and editing of DSS Pro files through a custom folder
  • Easy-to-see and intuitive graphical user interfaces
  • Option dialog boxes that allow for centralized management of settings
  • Button customization to link device buttons with commands, and to edit their details


CD-ROM with Single User License

The Furture of Dictation

The Furture of Dictation lies in efficient document creation through speech recognition

ODMS R6 has the ability to work hand in hand with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) software. A recorded dictation file can be converted to text automatically using voice recognition software. ODMS R6 comes with a collection of voice recognition functions that have been dramatically improved and enhanced.

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