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With an Olympus Professional Dictation System, Dictation is about more than just premium hardware. It's about creating documents far quicker than before – and with far more flexibility. Record your dictation, transfer it as a digital file to your computer, then e-mail it to a transcription service – either in-house or external – or import it to a voice-recognition program. Combine that with VIP's technical support and setup up assistance, you can be assured the you will receive the most advanced and easy-to-use dictation and document creation technology today.

Olympus Professional Dictation Systems

Olympus Dictation


The DS Series of portable digital voice recorders lets you capture crystal-clear voice files anywhere.

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Olympus Direct Rec


RecMic USB Microphones make it easy to instantly dictate information into workflows.

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Olympus Transcription


Digital Transcription provides a complete, end-to-end business solution.

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Olympus Conference


Recommended features for meeting, conference & interview recording productivity.

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The Future of Dictation

The Future of Dictation lies in efficient document creation through speech recognition

ODMS R6 has the ability to work hand in hand with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) software. A recorded dictation file can be converted to text automatically using voice recognition software. ODMS R6 comes with a collection of voice recognition functions that have been dramatically improved and enhanced.

Olympus means business


Faced with the public’s ever-growing need for healthcare services, doctors, radiologists, nurses and their employers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency at their practices and hospitals. Olympus Professional Dictation equipment (digital voice recorders and USB microphones) securely streamlines the recording and dissemination of critical patient data and notes, saving time and money... Learn More


Modern technology is enhancing the way lawyers interact with clients. It has also changed how firms manage their business and has altered the approach on how information is shared. Specifically, advances in digital technology within the dictation and transcription process have transformed how law firms process recorded information immediately, efficiently and securely... Learn More

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials are tasked with one of the most critical roles in our communities: keeping our families safe. To do that – and make the most of taxpayer dollars – it is essential that they complete their work efficiently and accurately. That’s why more and more law enforcement workers are turning to Olympus Professional Dictation Systems and digital voice recorders... Learn More

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