Public Safety Dispatch Solutions

Critical Recording with Capture911

With the emergence of FirstNet and big data, telecommunication requirements in Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) are changing. New types of data are being incorporated into 911 dispatch centers, including text, video, social media, biomonitors, and the metadata associated with each incident. This unification of disparate communications into an integrated system brings disconnected data together into a more complete incident reconstruction.

Capturing interactions in dispatch centers with the HigherGround platform allows quick and easy incident reconstruction and review. HigherGround’s Capture911 platform provides a state-of-the-art technology solution that enables improved dispatcher performance and reduced operational costs.

Transportation and Logistic Solutions

Critical Recording with Calibre

The transportation and logistics industry must rely heavily on several communication channels to manage and improve scheduling, fleets, safety, and customer service. Integrating communications from multiple-source data is critical for achieving best practices, and capturing this data in contact and dispatch centers allows for review and analysis of any interaction.

Healthcare Solutions

Critical Recording with Calibre

Recording phone calls and interactions is essential for call centers and other departments in Healthcare organizations. Calibre’s interaction recording and retrieval solution provide the optimal system for healthcare facilities – from quick retrieval to report generation to highly effective quality assessment tools – Calibre improves operational effectiveness.

HigherGround’s call recording solutions are designed to ensure that the needs of healthcare professionals are met. With agents handling an array of mission-critical information on a daily basis, it is crucial that the proper steps are taken to record, retrieve, and analyze communication efficiently. This allows for enhanced training, performance feedback, and, in turn, increased patient satisfaction.

Public Utilities Solutions

Critical Recording with Calibre

The unification of communications is of growing importance for public utility providers. Recording, retrieving, and analyzing calls and other interactions efficiently is essential for contact and dispatch centers. HigherGround’s Calibre platform provides essential tools to improve customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs.

The Dangers of Not Having Call Recording

Keeping track of telecommunications in utility contact or dispatch centers is critical to ensure that policies, procedures, best practices, and regulatory requirements are met. Interaction recording is instrumental in avoiding 5 major pitfalls that may result from not having call recording software.

Discover what they are and how you can avoid them:

Interaction Capture Solutions for Enterprise

Recording with Calibre

The importance of first-rate customer service in business has gained recognition in recent years. Contact center agents often represent the voice of the company, and ensuring that they interact appropriately with customers is essential. Recording calls and interactions for review and quality assurance is an important step towards achieving a high-quality customer service staff.​

HigherGround Calibre provides call and interaction recording of multi-source media, with quick retrieval, secure transmission and storage, quality assurance tools, and reporting. Integrating Calibre with your communications network boosts call center performance, optimizes agent communications, helps analyze trends, and improves your core business.

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