Fusion Expert

Fusion Voice

Dolbey’s Fusion Suite™ completes the circle with Fusion Expert®. Unlike other front-end solutions, this is not a separate system.  It uses the same report formats, configurations, output distribution and interfaces as Fusion Speech (BES). In a single platform, Fusion accommodates the physician who prefers real-time speech recognition and self-editing, as well as the user that wants to utilize the productivity of transcription/editing all with a single speech license.

  • Faster turnaround time on report creation and signature
  • Recognize the benefits of lower transcription costs and improved patient care
  • Dictate and save “routines” for future use
  • Migrate with ease between front-end and back-end recognition
  • System is capable of being configured to integrate with a PACS system


The flexibility of Dolbey’s speech solutions comes from the user controlled options for creating the workflow that each user requires to be successful.


Fusion Expert provides the accuracy to make speech recognition attainable by more physicians than ever before. Dolbey speech recognition is an essential tool for delivering results quickly and accurately along with meeting the demands of critical results reporting for radiology, cardiology or the detailed reporting required in emergency an general clinical reporting.

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