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The implementation of ICD-10 is a big challenge. A successful strategy for a revenue-neutral transition will require a plan including multiple solutions. DocAssist™ can be one of those solutions. Designed specifically for the purpose of closing the gap between how physicians document procedures and the ICD-10 PCS coding requirements.

The ICD-10 Epicenter

Despite the rapid adoption of the electronic health record, as much as 60% of patient documentation is still dictated or speech recognized. This unstructured narrative and the lack of sufficient detail in describing procedures will certainly result in coding and revenue problems. There are other solutions in the market to fix this ICD-10 documentation problem; however, they require the physician to adopt speech recognition. For more than half of your documentation today, these solutions won’t work.

DocAssist from Dolbey offers a multi-modality approach to improve the capture of the information you need for ICD-10 PCS that includes telephone-based dictationspeech recognition and standard PC-based dictation. With DocAssist from Dolbey, you can accommodate your entire physician staff without the far-reaching effort of retraining. Only DocAssist provides a single solution approach to capture the information you need to accurately code and bill ICD-10 procedures while simultaneously training your physicians on the additional documentation necessary for ICD-10.

Intelligent Guidance

The ICD-10 learning curve will vary by physician and their specialties. Determining the dictators who need help can be automatic with DocAssist’s unique documentation scoring. The system intuitively determines the guidance given based upon CDI queriescoding queries, and other quality metrics available from Dolbey's Fusion CAC™,computer-assisted coding system. You simply set thresholds and let the system manage itself. Individual preferences determine whether a dictator receives DocAssist guidance once, twice, until cancelled or until their scoring is above your baseline.

Reach All of Your Dictators

DocAssist is designed from the ground up around the current practices of documenting a patient’s care. They include telephone-based dictation, speech recognition and PC-based dictation all in one offering. Guiding the dictator to document the required information to properly code the ICD-10 procedure code eliminates wasted time later in case management or coding queries.

  • Telephone Dictation – By combining the well understood technology of telephone-based digital dictation with a unique and easy-to-use DocAssist guide, your physicians will be prompted to speak the principal elements required by coding guidelines to capture the accurate code. The telephone dictation DocAssist is unique as it deploys a voice response system and natural language understanding to identify and validate that each component of the code is documented correctly without radically changing the physician’s work routine.
  • Speech Recognition – DocAssist for the PC provides simple “Say or Type” menus that guide your dictator toward the accurate ICD-10 procedure code. The advantage of this method is that the dictator is already accustomed to using a PC and microphone for text creation.

Manual and Intelligent Guidance

Determining the dictators who need help can either be a manual decision by you or an automatic process in DocAssist. This addition of intelligent and automatic guidance allows you to set the rules to ensure that your dictators that need guidance get it, and those who don't need guidance do not. Intelligent Guidance is the autopilot for DocAssist.

  • Manual Guidance – you know in advance who among your dictators will need help. With DocAssist, create groups of dictators based upon individual IDs and work types (departments) to receive DocAssist guidance.
  • Automatic Scoring – this is the autopilot mode. With DocAssist automatic scoring, the system intuitively determines the guidance given based upon CDI queries, Coding queries, and other quality metrics available from the Fusion CAC system. Set the threshold, and let the system manage itself.

Management reports will detail the system’s efforts and successes. Track the success by physician or procedure code while directly correlating with coder effort.

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