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Many hospitals are expending far too much time and human capital in reporting their Core Measures to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission.  Dolbey recognizes the importance of the quality mission and is ready to partner with you for better results.

Fusion CQM™ is a comprehensive software solution for collecting, managing and reporting clinical quality measures for a hospital.  The clinical quality measures and the details of how to collect and report on these measures are all provided by the Fusion CQM software according to standards published by CMS and The Joint CommissionThe data collected and aggregated by Fusion CQM is useful, both internally by a hospital seeking to improve quality of care, and externally, when it is submitted to CMS and The Joint Commission for hospital quality assessment and ranking. Fusion CQM will streamline your Core Measures processes while giving your quality team better tools, better data and an opportunity to better utilize their time in fine tuning care protocols toward the best possible outcomes.

Unlike any other solution in the hospital quality space, Fusion CQM provides the most comprehensive set of tools for managing your quality data while helping you deliver the absolute best possible care for your patients. Take a tour below and be sure to sign up for one of our free webinars.

A 90-Second Overview of Fusion CQM

Features and Benefits

Fusion CQM offers a feature rich platform to abstract quality data concurrently and efficiently.

Fast Implementation

Fusion CQM requires minimal integration and IT resources to implement.

Automated Sampling

Fusion CQM provides automated random daily or weekly sampling to complete quarterly goals, without the need to upload data.

Concurrent Abstraction

Fusion CQM enables you to abstract your quality data as soon as patients are discharged to provide the ability to implement better procedures while it still counts.

Innovative Survey Tools

Fusion CQM brings speed, accuracy and automation to the entire quality reporting process for peak team performance.

Data Validation

Fusion CQM provides data validation to prevent or alert you to possible rejections.

CMS & TJC Submission

Dolbey and Fusion CQM will submit your quality data to both CMS and The Joint Commission every quarter.

Analytic Reporting

Fusion CQM contains powerful reporting tools designed to help you identify areas for care quality improvement and improved documentation practices.

Enhanced Productivity

Fusion CQM utilizes skip-logic and collapsing fields in an easy-to-use screen to optimize abstractor productivity.

Don’t just take our word for it – listen for yourself to the story of Covenant Health.

In just three minutes and thirty seconds you will hear the story of how Covenant Health System in east Tennessee has transformed their quality program from manual to automatic, from costly to cost effective and from retrospective to reactive.
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